Small and Medium Market Radio
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Specializing in Small and Medium Markets Since 1956

Regional Reps Corp. is the largest and one of the oldest sales representatives for small and medium market Radio stations in the United States.

How Can We Help?

You're good at what you do. But sometimes there is more to do than there is of you! When you're facing tight deadlines, smaller budgets, and clients that want results (and wanted them yesterday), we're here to help.

Regional Reps makes it easy and cost effective for advertising agencies to buy small and medium market Radio, and helps them get results for their clients. We also think of ourselves as an extension of the sales staff of the Radio stations we represent; we get stations more "at bats" for national and regional buys.

With one call or one click, you can have the power of Regional Reps' 57 years of experience working for you!


Corporate Office:
6505 Rockside Road
Suite 200
Cleveland, OH  44131
Phone 216-781-0035
Fax 216-781-7508