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Think of us as another you.

You're good at what you do. But sometimes there's more to do than there is of you. And when you're facing tight deadlines, even tighter budgets, and the client wants bigger results in smaller markets, Regional Reps is here to help.
We can assist with competitive analysis, station profiles and local market promotions in small, medium and non-metro markets; giving you more time to analyze, plan and negotiate. You get more for your client's money without spending more of yours.

Small Market Radio. Big time service.

Regional Reps Corp., founded in 1956, is the country's largest Radio sales organization specializing in small and medium markets. Regional Reps makes it easy and cost effective for advertising agencies to buy small and medium market Radio, and helps them get results for their clients. We are an extension of the local sales staffs of the Radio stations we represent; we are paid by the Radio stations and there is no charge to agencies or clients for our services.
Those services include:
Market and station research
Fulfil avail requests
Deliver and confirm orders
Handle traffic instructions
Assist in billing reconciliation
Launch promotions
Mobile marketing
Digital and new media marketing

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