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Would you like regional and national advertising decision makers to hear your story more often?  Would "face to face" selling of your stations to agencies be an advantage to you?
In today's sales environment, selling independently owned Radio stations can be tougher than ever.  Many independently owned Radio stations find it difficult, expensive and often impossible to sustain consistent sales initiatives outside of their local markets.
If you are frustrated with the roadblocks to the growth of your regional and national business, let's talk!  Now in our 61st year, Regional Reps Corp. is the country's leading sales representative for independently owned and operated Radio stations.  We represent stations all over the country with aggressive, face to face selling.
Regional Reps Corp. operates offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York. Our sales staff covers not only those markets, but all national and regional key advertising centers around the country.
We view ourselves as an extension of the local sales staff of the Radio stations we represent.  We provide an effective sales presence in markets where our relationships, expertise and resources help give our stations the advantage of face to face selling and more "at-bats" for national business.

To learn more about how Regional Reps can help you grow your regional/national sales,
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