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Regional Reps Pre-Election Checklist for Radio Stations
These steps and measures should be taken prior to each primary, general or special election (You should always consult with your FCC attorney on any legal political issues):
• Determine which offices (both state/local and federal) are up for election and your station’s access policies.
• Determine election dates for all primaries for both state and/or federal offices.
• Establish “Political Window” dates:
     • Window opens 45 days prior to a primary election.
     • Window opens 60 days prior to the general election.
• Review and update your station’s disclosure statement to reflect stations policy for:
     • Class of times being sold.
     • Description of the LUC privileges and pre-emptable policies.
     • Disclosure statement is not required by FCC but stations should create one to guide them through the political cycle.
• Organize the station’s political file in the public file. Discard records that are over two years old and establish new files for current races.
• Calculate the Lowest Unit Charge for each class of time available on the station.
Obtain appropriate NAB forms to document candidate and issue buys and federal candidate certifications:
• Review political broadcasting rules with all station sales staff that will be handling political buys.
• Review public file access rules with all station staff – including station policies regarding telephone access.
• Make sure you submit your political rates to our office as soon as they are set.
• If you have any questions, please contact Kirk Bogos, your FCC attorney, NAB or state broadcast association.
Your Political Team:
Kevin Miller
Account Manager/Supervisor
Kirk Bogos
Account Executive

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